Bloggers Interiors : BELLA IN THE SKY singer / songwriter from Los Angeles opens her home.

Hi BELLA, you are based in LA, California beach girl with a bohemian spirit. You are singer, pianist, guitarist, writer, & amateur fashionista. Your lovely record comes near to an early '60s pop, so nice !

So, could you let's us know more about your decoration, creation & songs inspiration ?
I love a combination of French, New York City, and Beach House decor. I try to take all of those influences and put them all here. So I may have a floral sofa with a modern lamp and a bowl full of sea shells. I’m probably most inspired by artist’s studios and writing rooms. I love the idea of having a place that is meant for your creative work and nothing else. I set up my apartment to be a music studio that I happen to sleep and eat in.  I also love to cook, and my tiny kitchen is actually quite inspiring to me! I think of it as a game to see how much I can actually fit in there and still feel inspired to create recipes.  Ikea has been helpful in providing wall storage for all my kitchen toys. In my music I am inspired by so many different sounds. I love Jazz classics like Miles Davis & Bill Evans, Classic Rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Electronic music like Air and Zero 7, as well as current artists like Sam Smith and Lana Del Rey. They all inspire me. 

Please, your favorites colors?
Oh... so many… I love pinks and turquoise, saturated 70’s colors like mustard yellow and olive green, black and white stripes, solid black, and I LOVE white. If I didn’t have a black dog, I would make everything white!

Who are yours favorites Designers or creators?
I don’t really keep up with designers, so I don’t really know… I remember loving the book “Found Style” by David & Amy Butler. To be honest, most of my inspiration comes from Thrifts Stores, Pinterest & Instagram!  

One or severals pieces of furniture would you like to have or acquire soon?
I would love to have more book shelves and hanging plants. Being in a small space means I have to use the walls and ceiling. I’d love to find some heavy, floor to ceiling turquoise velvet drapes for the living room! That would be so lovely… Also, I currently use 2 cheap glass laptop tables for my recording studio corner and a velvet Pier One Imports dining room chair… I would love to have a proper desk & chair that are also stylish. 

One object could not you live without?
My red Nord keyboard! 

What blogs or social networks do you follow?
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Reverb Nation, Sound Cloud. I just joined Vine but I haven’t posted anything yet. 

So, thank a lot ! A word to finish?
Thanks for inviting me to be on your blog! I love decorating my apartment, and it’s so nice to know someone else is interested :-)

Watch &listen BELLA IN THE SKY :

I hope you enjoy it, and if you like the song, you can download it for free on her Sound Cloud page Bella in the sky . Thanks for your support! If you like the video, please "like" or subscribe to the YouTube page and share it with your friends.

 Also, if you want to know, my apartment is in a 4 story brick building that was built in the 1920’s and it used to be an Italian owned hotel. I live down the street from the Ambassador hotel, a historic landmark where Robert Kennedy was shot & killed in the 60’s. My neighborhood is close to Downtown L.A. and is called “Koreatown” after the large number of Korean immigrants and businesses that are here. It’s a busy urban neighborhood that I love. It fuels my creativity to live in a neighborhood like this. It’s edgier than the rest of Los Angeles, a little grittier, which I love. We have lot’s of amazing cafe’s & restaurants here. North, you can see the mountains, and East you can see Down Town. 

Photos : Bella in the sky / drawing : ernø


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