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Hi MAJA, let us know your home decoration inspirations ?
Im often inspired when having a good experience. It can be while hanging out in a nice café or when taking a walk in a green park. I want to keep a piece of that good feeling that Im having and try to recreate it at home. I also find it very inspiring to visit flee markets and vintage stores, or the little shops that often are connected to museums, there you always can find cute things to take home with you. 

And your favorite colors?
Black to wear, red as an accent, white as a base. Though I never know how to use the color, tangerine always makes my soul smile. :)

Do you have favorite designer?
Oh there is so many designers that I appreciate. But today I would say Matthew Hilton. I think every piece he has made would fit like hand in a glove in my home. 

An object or furniture you would like to have or acquire soon?
Im dreaming of having the space and finances to get myself a vintage Hans J.Wegner daybed in cognac-brown leather. But that wont happen soon, that's for sure. *LoL* 

The blogs you follow?
Right now I'm mostly reading lifestyle and fashion blogs like Fashiontoast, Emsedge and The Coveteur. I love to see personal styles displayed in good photos. 

A little word to finish?
My home is my castle, it's created for and by me and my family, and I think it's why I love it so much. :) Thank you Erno for letting me share it with you :) It's an honor!
The blog is here :

 Photos : MAJA PerfectionMakesMeYawn

Drawing : ernø


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