Bloggers Interiors : Let's go to Cincinnati, visiting Jamie Dawn home, we love !

Hello Jamie, your are from Cincinnati, author of Love jamie Dawn blog, so what about your decoration and creation inspiration ?
I love to thrift and go to flea markets. It's so fun looking for a fun lamp or an awesome chair and I've found most of my home decor that way. Most of it doesn't "match" but that's why I like it. It's fun for people to come over and just look around at all of our mixed matched stuff!

And your favorite color?
I love gold and white and orange. but not together!

Do you have have favorite designer or creator?
I love Herman Miller and I love anything with a mid century modern design. I don't really keep up on designers, I just like what I like when I see it!

One objet or furniture you would like to have or acquire soon?
I look on craigslist every day for a Saarinen tulip table and I know someday, I'll find one! I love them so much and think they brighten up any room. and who doesn't love marble? it's gorgeous!

One object you could not live without?
My phone. i know, it's so cliche. but between checking my emails, hunting on craigslist (looking for that perfect table!) and looking thru blogs, twitters and instagrams, I'm obsessed! I hope to not be so dependent on that silly phone, one of these days!

The blogs you follow?
"hey natalie jean", "little one love" and "a beautiful mess" are some of my favorites. they are all beautiful women making beautiful things for their homes and families, and doing it without spending millions of dollars so I can appreciate that.

A little word to finish?
A lot of people compliment our house and what we've filled it with. I've had friends assume that we have poured thousands of dollars into it. but we are just a couple of broke twenty something year olds making the most out of very little. for instance, I wish we had a yard. but we don't. we have a 10 foot wide alleyway that can only be entered thru our apartment. so we found a barbecue grill on craigslist for $30 and strung up some lights and built a fire pit. and that's just perfect for us. and anyone can do it, too! i never pay retail and I never buy something without searching on ebay and craigslist first.

Thank you for this interview and letting me be a part of your blog!

Thank you Jamie, let's go visiting
 Love jamie Dawn blog & home!




Photos : Love Jamie Dawn
Drawing :ernø


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